Must-Try Desserts in New Orleans: A Sweet Guide for Visitors

New Orleans isn’t just a culinary city; it’s a city that loves to indulge in the sweet side of life. From the bustling French Quarter to the quieter streets of Uptown, every corner of New Orleans has a dessert waiting for you to try. If you find yourself in the Big Easy, make sure you leave a little room for these delectable delights that define the city’s dessert landscape. Here’s a list of sweet treats that you simply can’t miss.

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Beignets at Café du Monde

When you think of New Orleans dessert, the beignet is likely the first treat that comes to mind. These deep-fried squares of dough are generously dusted with powdered sugar, creating a delightful mess that’s part of the experience. Head to Café du Monde, a historic café that’s been serving beignets 24/7 since 1862, to savor this New Orleans staple any time of the day.

Pralines at Leah’s Pralines

One of the most beloved sweets in New Orleans is the praline, a confection made with sugar, cream, and pecans. Leah’s Pralines is a quaint shop in the French Quarter known for making some of the best pralines in the city. The aroma of caramelized sugar and butter combined with the crunch of toasted pecans makes for an irresistible treat.

Bread Pudding at Commander’s Palace

Commander’s Palace is a prestigious restaurant known for its refined Creole cuisine. Their bread pudding doesn’t stray from Commander’s Palace’s reputation for excellence. It’s served with a rich whiskey sauce that balances the sweetness of the pudding, making it a perfect ending to a sophisticated Creole meal.

Bananas Foster at Brennan’s

Brennan’s is not just a restaurant; it’s an institution where the Bananas Foster was invented. This decadent dessert, made by sautéing bananas with brown sugar, cinnamon, and rum, is then set alight tableside. The theatrical preparation matches the rich, warm flavors that make it a New Orleans favorite.

Snowballs at Hansen’s Sno-Bliz

Beat the Louisiana heat with a snowball from Hansen’s Sno-Bliz. These aren’t your typical snow cones. Owner Ernest Hansen created his ice shaving machine in 1939 to make finer, fluffier ice, and the tradition continues, serving up refreshingly sweet flavors like wild strawberry and wedding cake.

King Cake at Manny Randazzo’s

During Mardi Gras season, there’s nothing more ‘New Orleans’ than a slice of king cake. This festive pastry is a sweet yeast bread typically topped with icing in Mardi Gras colors – purple, green, and gold. Manny Randazzo’s is known for its flavorful and well-textured cake, with some even saying it’s the best in the city.

New Orleans is a city steeped in culinary tradition, and its desserts are no exception. This list is just the beginning of your sweet journey in the Crescent City. As you stroll through the streets, keep an eye out for bakeries, patisseries, and ice cream parlors – each has its own unique delights waiting to be savored. Whether you’re a local looking for a new favorite or a visitor eager to taste the best of New Orleans, these desserts are a flavorsome part of the city’s cultural tapestry and should not be missed. Indulge, enjoy, and let the sweet spirit of New Orleans entice your taste buds.

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