Things to Do in New Orleans: A Guide for Visitors

Embraced by the sinuous bends of the Mississippi River, New Orleans has a heartbeat all its own. It is a city where centuries of history and cultures have mingled to create a tapestry that is colorful, vibrant, and utterly unique.

Packed with soul-stirring music, mouthwatering cuisine, and memories waiting to be made, the Big Easy is the ideal destination for those ready to immerse themselves in a veritable melting pot of experiences.

For visitors stepping onto the lively streets of New Orleans, the array of choices can be as daunting as they are electrifying. Fear not, for this comprehensive guide will lead you through the top New Orleans experiences, ensuring that your NOLA adventure is nothing short of extraordinary.

Historical and Cultural Attractions in French Quarter

The heart of New Orleans beats strongest in the French Quarter, where history is palpable in the air, and the past comes alive on every corner. This iconic neighborhood is a must-visit for its architectural charm and deep historical significance.

Jackson Square and Bourbon Street embody two vastly different facets of New Orleans: the regality of a historic public plaza adorned with fleeing ironwork, and the unrestrained revelry of mile-long Bourbon Street, where the city’s legendary nightlife never sleeps.

St. Louis Cathedral watches over Jackson Square, its three spires reaching toward the Louisiana sky, a symbol of the city’s resilience and faith. Step inside to admire the intricate mosaics and serene beauty that has welcomed worshipers for over 250 years.

Garden District — Mansions and Cemeteries

A short streetcar ride from the French Quarter, the Garden District is a step back in time. Here, grand antebellum mansions with their lush courtyards and columned verandas stand in stately contrast to the narrow, storied homes of the Vieux Carré.

The Lafayette Cemetery is a hauntingly beautiful city of the dead, its above-ground tombs a testament to the city’s unique burial practices and the role of voodoo and folklore in New Orleans’ cultural tapestry.

Museums — Treasures of New Orleans’ Past

Delve deeper into the complex history of New Orleans through its rich museum scene. The National WWII Museum offers an immersive journey through one of history’s darkest periods, while the New Orleans Museum of Art and Ogden Museum of Southern Art showcase the city’s love for the arts against the backdrop of Southern culture.

The city is also home to unique museums celebrating its ties to the African American, Native American, and Civil Rights history, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience for every visitor.

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Culinary Delights — Tastes of the Crescent City

No trip to New Orleans is complete without a culinary odyssey through its signature dishes and eateries. Begin your day with a plate of powdered-sugar-dusted beignets from Café du Monde, then savor authentic po’boys at local joints like Domilise’s or Johnny’s.

Treat your taste buds to the rich, complex flavors of gumbo or jambalaya, crafted lovingly from family recipes at Dooky Chase, and wash it down with a refreshing Sazerac, or a frothy, sweet Hurricane.

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Live Music and Entertainment — A Soundtrack for Your Visit

As the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans pulsates with music that echoes through its storied streets. Explore the city’s music scene at intimate venues like Preservation Hall for a traditional jazz experience, or along vibrant Frenchmen Street where the evening air is alive with the sounds of street performers and local legends.

Festivals and Celebrations — Timing Your Trip Right

New Orleans is a city that loves to celebrate, and no one does it better than NOLA. Time your visit to coincide with one of the city’s epic events such as Mardi Gras, a celebration unlike any other, with its parades, masquerade balls, and iconic beads.

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, or “Jazz Fest,” and the French Quarter Festival are also peak times to visit, featuring live music, art markets, and a plethora of local food.

Outdoor Activities — Exploring the Wild and the Serene

For those seeking adventure, New Orleans offers an array of outdoor activities. Embark on a thrilling airboat tour through the swamps of the Barataria Preserve to encounter alligators, herons, and the eerie beauty of cypress groves.

Relax and revel in the city’s natural beauty at City Park, one of the nation’s oldest urban parks, or take in the majestic views of the Mississippi River from the iconic Crescent City Connection Bridge.

Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline rush or a quiet moment to take in the splendor of nature, New Orleans has it all.

NoLa — A City That Stays With You

New Orleans is a city of contrasts: solemn and jubilant, vibrant and eerie, modern and deeply rooted in tradition. It’s a place that encourages you to embrace every facet of life, to revel in the magic that abounds, and to understand that sometimes, the best way to move forward is to celebrate where you’ve been.

As you plan your New Orleans odyssey, remember that the best way to experience the city is to let yourself be swept up in the moment. Emerge yourself in the music, savor each flavor, and open your heart to the history that gives New Orleans its soul.

Whether you’re here for a few days or a lifetime, the memories you make in the Crescent City will stay with you always. So pack your bags, and let New Orleans cast its spell on you—there’s no place quite like it, and you’re in for one unforgettable ride.

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