Finding My Voice in the Crescent City

Ever wondered, who is the girl behind New Orleans Travel Tips? What is her story? Just who is Kathy? I myself have pondered that for a long time.

My name is not Kathy, though I’d like to think it suits me well. I’ve always been drawn to unique identities, perhaps because I’ve harbored one myself. My real name, a blend of my French heritage and American upbringing, stands out like a jazz solo in the cacophony of everyday life. But in the realm of words, where I find solace and expression, I’ve chosen to be known by a name close to my heart and my middle name – my pen name ‘Kathy’.

Growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana, was a tapestry of vibrant cultures, a melody of jazz notes, and a palette of flavors that left an indelible mark on my soul. The streets of the French Quarter were my playground, the Mississippi River my muse. I was enamored with every cobblestone, every wrought-iron balcony, and every whispered legend that danced through the humid air.

As a child, I dreamed of immortalizing my beloved city in words. I scribbled stories of haunted mansions and star-crossed lovers, weaving the essence of New Orleans into every line. It was no surprise when I decided to pursue writing as a career – specifically travel writing. With unwavering determination, I poured my heart into a New Orleans Travel Guide that encapsulated the spirit of my home.

But the journey to becoming an author was fraught with rejection. Publisher after publisher turned down my guide, deeming it too niche, too unconventional, and too small to beat the popular guides out there. Disheartened but not defeated, I turned to blogging, where I finally found my voice. Under my pen name, I chronicled my love affair with New Orleans, sharing its hidden gems, its untold stories, and its timeless magic with the world.

Now, at 26, I’ve come to realize that being an author isn’t about the validation of others. It’s about capturing moments, weaving narratives, and leaving a piece of yourself on the page. Through my blog, I’ve found a community of kindred spirits who share my passion for the Crescent City, each comment and like a testament to the power of words.

And so, as I continue to navigate the labyrinthine streets of New Orleans, I do so with a renewed sense of purpose. Whether it’s savoring beignets in Jackson Square or dancing to the rhythm of a second line parade, I know that every experience enriches my journey as a writer and as a resident of this enchanting city.

Kathy’s Favorites

Favorite Attraction in New Orleans: Without a doubt, my favorite attraction in New Orleans is the historic French Quarter. Its timeless charm, colorful architecture, and vibrant energy never fail to inspire me.

Favorite New Orleans Quote: “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” It perfectly captures the spirit of New Orleans – let the good times roll!

Favorite Food in New Orleans: It’s impossible to choose just one NOLA food, but if I had to pick, it would be a piping hot plate of shrimp and grits from Cafe Amelie. The combination of savory seafood and creamy grits is pure comfort food bliss.

Favorite Cocktail in New Orleans: While the Crescent City is famous for iconic cocktails, my favorite is the classic Sazerac. There’s something about its rich history and complex flavors that embodies the essence of the city.

Favorite Book Based in New Orleans: “A Confederacy of Dunces” by John Kennedy Toole. Its quirky characters and vivid portrayal of New Orleans never fail to transport me back to the streets I know and love.

Favorite Month in New Orleans: April holds a special place in my heart. The weather is warm but not stifling, and the city comes alive with festivals and celebrations, from Jazz Fest to French Quarter Fest. It’s the perfect time to experience the magic of New Orleans in full bloom.